Xiaomi Smart Tracking Wireless Charger Released: For only 499 Yuan


In addition to the amazing 120W wired fast charging, the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition also supports 50W wireless fast charging, but the wireless charging speed was not introduced at the press conference, but Mr. Lei brought a very smart and practical wireless charging base, He said this is a black technology product. Xiaomi officially released the Xiaomi Smart Tracking Wireless Charger, which can be used to place two Qi-standard wireless devices. The price is 499 yuan.

This wireless charging base is not small, much like an oversized power bank. The highlight is that it can track the device intelligently and quickly charge the device wirelessly. To put it simply, the mobile phone does not need to be placed in the middle deliberately, and Xiaomi Tracking Wireless Charger can be placed at hand, even on the edge. The principle is that there is a movable module (with green indicator light) inside, which can automatically find the position of the wireless charging coil module of the mobile phone, and the mobile phone can be quickly found anywhere it is placed.

In addition, Xiaomi Smart Tracking Wireless Charger also has the function of fully charging other devices automatically. Simply put, when your phone and smartwatch are placed on it at the same time when the phone is fully charged, it will automatically recharge the watch without waiting. This design is very intimate and easy to use.

The Xiaomi 100W Car Charger is priced at 99 yuan, the Xiaomi 55W vertical air-cooled wireless charger is priced at 199 yuan, and the Xiaomi smart tracking wireless charger is priced at 499 yuan. Some accessories are currently in the Xiaomi store.

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As for the price, Mr. Lei did not hide it, he gave the price directly from the beginning. And those who are interested can pay attention to it. It will also be on sale in the near future.


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