Xiaomi TS Sunglasses Officially Releases at 199 yuan, $66 For Crowdfunding


Today Xiaomi has officially released MI TS Sunglasses on its crowdfunding platform, which is the first polarized sunglasses, no bezel design, it only has 18g weight, which can isolate 100% UV.

Xiaomi TS Sunglasses adopt nylon polarized material, often used in space suits mask making with isolation of 100% UV and harmful rays from the earth. It uses polarizing film imported from Japan, which can filter the glare, scatter light, and refracted light to reduce the fatigue, make the vision more clearly.

Nylon polarization is one of the current lightweight materials, the density has only 1.02g  per cubic centimeters. Meanwhile, it has remarkable ability to resist shock, under the strong shock, it will not crack, and have no split fragments.

In design, TS nylon polarized sunglasses uses integration of forming aesthetic frames, laser carved, no welding points, the visual frame design looks very fashionable.

Currently, this Xiaomi TS Sunglasses has been listed online in Xiaomi crowdfunding at 199 yuan, $66, the frames are gun color, but the lens have grey, golden and blue color available.


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