Xiaomi Urevo U1 Review – Smart Walking Pad + ACGAM Adjustable Desk at $559.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


Several years ago, Xiaomi has already delighted the public with the release of the first examples of compact treadmills for the home. The patented technology has finally made it possible to create a walk and jog walk instead of drying towels. The novelty of this season Xiaomi Urevo U1 can be used immediately after unpacking it from the box. For preliminary preparation, you do not need to involve the powers of heaven and instructions to collect and charge it. The technology of maximum comfort – got it out and ran.

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The design of the Xiaomi Urevo U1 treadmill adopts a proprietary and self-developed integrated frame body, and the good thing about it is that it does not even require to be connected to a constant power source, although it would be recommended if you want to last many hours. The device comes with a front screen that shows all the necessary data to control our exercises such as speed, calories consumed, mileage and time.

As we said, one of its peculiarities is that it is easy to store and that is due to its size of only 120 × 42 cm and with a height of only 6.5 cm, which means that we can slide it under a bed or of an armchair to store it. It is also a very safe treadmill since it is equipped with different warnings that jump every time we approach the edges when walking or running, something that is compensated by its own correction function to avoid deviations.

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The maximum speed of the Xiaomi Urevo U1 treadmill is 6 km per hour; which is quite comparable to light jogging. Feel free to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body, regardless of the time of day. The fact is that the volume with which the treadmill operates does not exceed the declared 62 decibels; so if your neighbours are not woken up by the sound of a hairdryer in your apartment, the treadmill will not wake them up all the more. Now the whole family can keep fit, for example, after waking up or even while watching movies. Another attractive point is that the track height is only 6.5 cm, which makes it very convenient for storage; even in very small apartments. And the possibility of remote setting will allow you to control the track without looking at the display all the time.

Also, the Xiaomi Urevo U1 treadmill comes with a luminous display that will display speed, distance, calories and time. Holders of sporting happiness may not be afraid that they will stop by; the new track comes with warning beacons that will signal you that you are standing on the edge; no matter how strange it may sound. By the way, for all the compactness of the track, it has a very comfortable canvas – 120 by 42 cm; and its own correction system to prevent deviation. Of course, if you walk with the gait of a sumo wrestler; then you will have to be more modest in the width of the movement; but in general, even fans of running with Uncle Stepa’s step will be quite comfortable.


This Xiaomi Urevo U1 treadmill is small, easily transportable, does not make noise and above all, it has all the characteristics of a gym treadmill, and is perfect for athletes who like to exercise at home. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $559.99 by using Coupon Code: NNNwalkingpadymesa in Flash Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Urevo U1 at Geekbuying


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