Xiaomi Vertical Air Conditioner Officially Released with three-level energy efficiency


Recently, Xiaomi has launched a number of new 3-level energy efficiency air conditioners, including the big one priced at 2,099 yuan (1,699 yuan for the first time), the 1.5 unit priced at 2,299 yuan, and the two units priced at 3,499 yuan.

Xiaomi’s new level 3 vertical air conditioner, 2 pieces, is suitable for 20-30 square meters with circulating air capacity of 1000m /h. The new product optimizes the design of fans, air paths and air ducts, and the noise is as low as 33dB(A).

It uses a DC inverter compressor, with an APF value of 3.7, higher than the national standard of 3.5 and a power saving of 4.9% a year compared with the old standard of 3.3.

In terms of design, the overall cylindrical compact fuselage design takes up less living room space, with 94cm vertical air outlet. Above the air outlet is a LCD screen that supports touch control.

Xiaomi vertical air conditioner is also equipped with anti-bacterial and anti-mildew filter, supports automatic cleaning function, and provides intelligent reminder of dirty plugging. Support mijia APP remote start, support Xiaoai students to wake up the air conditioner and voice control.


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