Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charger: 20W MAX Wireless Flash Charging, Priced at 79 yuan ($11.32)


Xiaomi Mall announced that the new XIaomi vertical wireless charger crowdfunding came. It can be filled not only horizontally and vertically, but also with a shell. Supports 20W MAX wireless flash charging, compatible with most wireless charging devices on the market. At 0:00 on November 11th, the new product crowdfunding started, the retail price was 99 yuan, and the crowdfunding price was 79 yuan.

Xiaomi vertical wireless charger with 27W adapter, maximum support for 20W wireless flash charging, 35 minutes can charge half of the power of Xiaomi Mi9 Pro, with intelligent FOD foreign object detection protection, can avoid the wrong placement of metal foreign objects such as keys, coins, etc. The battery generates high temperature, and the user’s charging experience is faster and safer through multiple protection measures such as temperature protection, short circuit protection, power protection, and overvoltage protection.

And Xiaomi vertical wireless charger is compatible with a variety of wireless charging devices, It not only can provide a 20W flash charge for Xiaomi Mi9, Xiaomi Mi9 Pro but also a 10W fast charge for Samsung Galaxy  S10, even Apple devices can be. It is worth mentioning that the effective charging distance of wireless charging reaches 4mm, and even if you wear a mobile phone case, you can quickly enjoy wireless flash charging, which is convenient and practical. The double coil design method can be placed horizontally or vertically when charging, fully taking into account the use scene when the user is charging.

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