Xiaomi Viomi A9 Vacuum Cleaner in $149.99 AND VIOMI SE Vacuum Cleaner in $209.99 @Geekbuying Sale


Xiaomi Viomi A9 Vacuum Cleaner, you will get the best cleaning in your house, being this one of the most marvelous models you will find. Arranged so you can have everything clean in the best way, this new cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner can be used for a wide scope of surfaces, including different embellishments for the best result. Proceed to scrutinize and you will know why it is genuinely remarkable.

Xiaomi Viomi A9 Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Viomi A9 Vacuum Cleaner

It is a lightweight model and is really adaptable, you can use everything in the best way because of its LED screen and has a battery that certifications up to an hour of use. A stunning, adaptable model with basically no weight. It will give you all that you require to appreciate. Xiaomi Viomi A9 is a hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner with an incomprehensible extent of limits and arrangements. It is straightforward and enchanting to use as it is incredibly quiet and weighs only 1500 grams. Its draw power is 120AW, which suggests it can manage the substantialness of steel balls or screws.


Xiaomi VIOMI SE is a gadget that positions itself as a reasonable top notch vacuum more clean. This model has high attractions power and a route framework, which was made thinking about every one of the impediments and benefits of past models. This new vacuum cleaner includes a force of 2200 PA, a sensor to have your home planned and work on its cleaning. This model of incredible specs will fulfill every one of your necessities.

Xiaomi Viomi A9 Vacuum CleanerXiaomi Viomi A9 Vacuum Cleaner

The VIOMI SE Vacuum Cleaner has rich looks and plan. It has ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic material, which is the best material for this sort of item. It is a circle fit as a fiddle that comes in white tone, which makes this item more exquisite. Aside from that, it is viable, doesn’t occupy a lot of room. It looks refined in plan. It has a lovely look that looks respectable in any event, when toward the edge of the room. The most recent VIOMI SE Vacuum Cleaner isn’t colossal with just 35 cm breadth and 9.45 cm greatest stature.

Both are best product and comes from Xiaomi family. So, what are you waiting for? You can easily buy both of these from Geekbuying prices listed below:


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