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Xiaomi has always excelled at product innovation. It does not matter if a tiny detail or the whole concept of the device is redefined, the only aim is pursued ?sheer excellence. Caring about the smallest detail is what makes Xiaomi a craftsman. Every stage of product development, be it the process of choosing materials, building the design details or manufacture, should deliver a qualitative result.

You may never remember the first time you used your smartphone, but you will definitely remember your first time experiencing Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2. Thanks to a more refined design the gadget is something the history should record. It is utterly covered in a newly designed fabric that looks like a futuristic armor. The goggles weigh now only 183 grams, which makes wearing them easier and more convenient.

The externals of the Mi VR Play 2 are wrapped in a PBT material. Not only it feels nice to touch, it is also easily sustainable. This material is breathable, anti-static, is not easy to ball-up and cleans well. When you wear the headset it covers most of your forehead and goes down to upper cheekbones. The face padding has multiple vents to keep you cool in that area and prevent the lenses from fogging during extended VR sessions. Mi VR 2 uses a strong, durable and elastic strap to make adjustments. The headset fits snug on your face and does not allow light leaks, creating a more comfortable watching experience. You can even wear the device over your simple glasses, no matter how large their frame is.

The front plate that should hold your smartphones allows all smartphones with a screen size between 4 and 6 inches. Just put your handset in the plate with the desired app running, change the focus controls and prepare to step into the middle of your favorite movie or a game. Depending on your smartphone CPU and GPU the headset can deliver sharp images in vibrant color and smooth video reproduction.

Virtual reality is something that you cannot explain in words ?you have to experience it. Xiaomi VR Play 2 has hundreds of videos showing places that you never think you would be able to go. It offers content from IDG Arts VR, Youku VR, Whaley VR to name the few. No need to go to the theater to see a 3D movie. Just turn on Xiaomi VR Play 2, pick a movie from the Xiaomi VR app and place yourself squarely in the center of a combat scene, your favorite band抯 concert or some kind of tourist destination only to be comfortably laying on a couch in real life. Mi VR Play 2 supports any video format of any video type (2D, 3D, 180? 360? and you can easily specify them and various other parameters. The headset also features automatic video format recognition when the device automatically recognizes the format of video, e.g. 3D or panoramic video, and launches the appropriate player to run it. To that, the device can be connected to Mi Router wirelessly that allows to browse the net for movies and watch them right from the Mi VR Play 2.

In the attempts to make the Mi VR Play 2 as much convenient to use as possible, before the final interface version was endorsed it had been changed at least 3 times. The company had to test out 60 types of materials to finally pick the one, 1000 algorithm tests were made to bring the software to perfection, and it took more than 2000 hours to select the most interesting stories for the VR videos. Every little effort and hard work paid off. Nothing should stop you when you want to explore the world! right now you can buy From TOMTOP in The Flash sale at $18 with using $6.6 coupon code: XYLVRX


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