Xiaomi Wanghua Revealed MIUI 13 Tablet “MIUI+”


Recently, Xiaomi warmed up MIUI 13 system, and said that behind the smooth basic experience of MIUI 13 is a breakthrough in the underlying core technology of the operating system. Both the MIUI 13 and MIUI 13 Pad will be released on the evening of December 28 alongside Mi 12 series.

And for everyone concerned about MIUI 13 tablet MIUI+, Xiaomi Wang Hua said, in simple terms is [There is meat why also eat vegetables? , he wants to say reducing weight can also be able to eat meat actually originally, just enjoy little carbonic water .

Recently, Xiaomi MIUI 13 began internal testing of a new MIUI sharing center, MIUI 13 wonderful sharing center to achieve global device connectivity, users can experience audio and video, application cross-device flow features.

MIUI is officially warming up MIUI 13 system, which means MIUI 13 is more smooth and comes from the breakthrough of core technology at the bottom of the operating system. The three core technologies of focus computing, atomic memory and liquid storage are fully upgraded, and the system smoothness is significantly improved compared with MIUI 12.5.

MIUI also officially announced the MIUI 13 Pad system. Big screen. Here you go. TOP 3000 applications are fully adapted, so that applications are presented in the best way, every inch, do not waste.

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MIUI 13 Pad will support multitasking free Windows, which will make the tablet experience even better. “Xiaomi Pad, one free window is not enough, want two free Windows? No problem, for you.”


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