Xiaomi Water Purifier S1 500G Enhanced Edition Released: Upgrade 2 Cores and 5 Levels of Filtered


The Xiaomi Water Purifier S1 500G Enhanced Edition was scheduled to start at 100 yuan, and the price will be 1899 yuan on June 6.

Compared with the previously released Xiaomi Water Purifier 500G. Its appearance and dimensions are completely the same. It has been upgraded from a 4-stage filter to a 5-stage filter. And the pure wastewater ratio has also been upgraded from 1: 1 to 2: 1. The Xiaomi water purifier S1 500G was priced at 2199 yuan when it was released, and it is currently 1199 yuan.

The enhanced version of Xiaomi Water Purifier 500G adopts a 127mm slim body and is installed under the kitchen. It is opened by 500 gallons and produces 1.3L of water per minute

Adopt a 5-grade filter element: folding PP, front carbon rod + scale inhibitor. RO reverse osmosis, rear carbon rod. Reaching the level of packaged drinking water, it is more suitable for cooking tea, boiling soup, and cooking.

At the same time, the 4-in-1 enhanced composite filter element is used. Which only needs to be changed once a year. It is also very convenient to replace the filter element. It can be removed with a light twist, and it can be returned to the position by rotating.

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In addition, the independent intelligent control faucet has a blue light orange light reminder. Which can display the real-time life of the filter element and the running state of the machine? Through the Internet. The Mijia APP can also be controlled to understand the water quality of the water purifier in the home in real-time. If the filter element needs to be replaced. It can be automatically reminded, and you can place an order to buy it in the APP. Stay Tunes.


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