Xiaomi Water Purifier H600G Released: Takes only 6 Seconds For a Glass of Water


Xiaomi launched another Mi Water Purifier H600G. The pre-sale is now open. The retail price is 2499 yuan, and the deposit is 100 to 700 yuan. The final payment will be paid at 0:00 on November 1st, and the price is only 1899 yuan.

The Mi Water Purifier H600G has a large throughput of 1.58L/min. It only takes 6 seconds to fill a glass of water, and it does not take long to wait for water.

Compared with previous products, Mijia water purifier H 600G also has a “double water outlet” feature. The so-called double water outlet refers to the addition of an additional domestic water switch in addition to the direct drinking water switch of the faucet. When using domestic water, the tap water only passes through composite filtration, does not pass through the RO filter element, does not consume the life of the RO filter element, and does not produce wastewater.

Mijia water purifier H600G combines the filter elements into two. Compared with the traditional four filter elements, the dual filter element design can greatly reduce the frequency of filter element replacement.

Although the number of filter elements has been reduced, the filtration level of this product has been improved- from the previous 4-stage filtration to the 6-stage filtration, RO reverse osmosis technology is also used, so the filtration effect is not discounted.

In order to make it easier for users to replace the filter element, the position of the filter element of this product is changed to the side, and the user can easily replace the filter element without moving the machine like a top suction filter element.

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The Xiaomi Water Purifier H600G has a greatly reduced body size, with a height of only 351mm, which can be adapted to a variety of under-kitchen spaces, even directly under the basin.


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