Xiaomi WIFI Modem Officially Releases at 249 yuan, $41.5


Today Xiaomi has not only released Xiaomi MI TV 4A series, but also a new gadget, Xiaomi Wifi Modem, which is a new member of Xiaom router family. It can solve Wifi coverage problem for a large house by wire transmitting Wifi signal effectively. So you can enjoy high speed network by this modem with better experience.

Xiaomi WIFI Modem consists of main engine and sub engine, supporting compatible third-party wifi routers. The main engine connects household router by network wire, the sub engine matches the rooms that need WIFI, the wifi signal can pass effectively. Meanwhile, Xiaomi sub engine of Xiaomi modem adopts 2×2 outside antenna design, better signal, and more excellent experience of coverage.

Xiaomi WIFI Modem uses wire communications technology, it can covert Ethernet signal to 1.8 MHz – 30 MHz (low frequency) frequency band signal, combined with OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) and QAM ( 1024) and other modulation demodulation technology, which can make WIFI signal at home to transmit everywhere for your family, whether playing games, watching high definition video, or digital music, it can search the Internet everywhere.

Xiaomi WIFI Modem sells at 249 yuan, $41.5, and it will sell offically during Xiaomi fans festival. We believe this modem will be your best tool to solve wifi soluton.


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