Xiaomi Will Hold Press Conference to Release Redmi Note 4X, Xiaomi MI5C in Taiwan on Feb.21?


Currently, Xiaomi has officially announced on social network that they will hold press conference on February 21 to release several products. In terms of slogan, it will not only one smartphone coming out.

The slogan of this press conference is ‘one is technology, the other is art’, which is the one used for Xiaomi MI Note 2 and Xiaomi MI MIX announcement last year. And Xiaomi official has confirmed that they will release Xiaomi MI Note 2 dual curved screen smartphone in Taiwan, besides, there is not only one smartphone which will be released in Taiwan.

In addition, one device slogan is ‘metal or colorful?’ Because Xiaomi has released Redmi Note 4X in mainland of China on Valentine’s Day. Xiaomi may bring Redmi Note 4X and its MIKU version to Taiwan in this press conference, and it is said that Xiaomi MI5C with its own Pinecone V670 processor is coming soon, so will Xiaomi give us surprise to release MI5C on Feb.21? Of course, the certain models need to confirm until the press conference, stay tuned.



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