Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds Review


Xiaomi is known for its very good and very cheap earphones. However, in a time when fewer and fewer smartphones have 3.5mm connections, naturally cable-bound earphones lose their place. This has apparently also been seen by Xiaomi and has brought its first Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds on the market.

Design and Hardware

The Xiaomi Bluetooth earbuds follow the classic concept in which the left and right sides are still connected with a cable. This runs either in the neck or under the neck. At first sight, the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds certainly remind you of the 1st gen of the MI Fit Band. The two earplugs have similar aluminum covers as the MI Fit band. Even the size is similar. From this you can see that the Xiaomi Bluetooth earbudsare slightly larger than normal earphones and yes that is the case. Xiaomi uses a slightly elongated shape, which is equipped with a stiff ear for a better grip. While the back is made of aluminum, the remaining earphones are made of a highly rubberized plastic. In the right earphone, on the one hand, the microUSB charging port as well as two buttons are used. The keys are louder and quieter, which can also be used as a pre-and-back key when the push-button is pressed continuously. The switch is on the other hand on a very small cable remote control which is just below the right earphone. In this cable remote control is also the microphone with whose help you can telephone. The quality is okay if the cable under the chin runs. If you carry the cable at the neck, which I actually prefer, the microphone is directed to the back, which is sub-optimal. The battery of the Xiaomi Bluetooth earphones has 110mAh and according to the manufacturer should hold 7 hours. In practice, I listen to music quite noisy, I arrive at about 5-6 hours. This is ok but real durators are not the Xiaomi wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Where we are at runners, the Xiaomi Earbuds are protected IPX water and sweat, so are also suitable for the sport.

Comfortable Wearing

The Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are relatively large earphones. However, this did not bother me at all in practice. Thanks to the hanger, they were very tight in my ears, afraid that one loses the Xiaomi one does not have. Also the convenience was okay after a certain habit. In short, the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are not the most comfortable Bluetooth earphones but also not uncomfortable. For sports I think this is suitable.


Let us come to the most important, the sound. Can Xiaomi follow in the footsteps of his own cable-bound earphones and deliver an excellent sound at a small price? This is something with the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds something taste. The cordless Bluetooth earbuds have a very clear and brilliant sound. The heights are, of course, a bit of a focus here. Xiaomi is a similar way as Sony with your “High Res” headphones and lifts the highs somewhat to the higher the impression of a high brilliance. This also works very well! The Xiaomi Bluetooth earbuds are the pretty clearest earphones I have heard so far in this price class. The bass of the Bluetooth earbudss is pleasant without being too strong or too weak from my point of view. If the music requires it, the Xiaomi Bluetooth earbuds can deliver a nice punch. However, the bass is relatively compact and precise. Who is looking for wattling bass is not right here. Slightly weak are the mids. Voices are felt somewhat higher and sharper than I would be accustomed to by neutral headphones. At the Bluetooth connection I have nothing to complain about. I could not detect any conspicuous compression artifacts or noise. In addition, the maximum volume is quite high for Bluetooth earphones.


The Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds offer a very clear and brilliant sound with a nice bass. However, this very brilliant sound signature is certainly not something for everyone. It is certainly something tasteful here whether one the strong heights, a bit thinner middle and solid bass. However, for the price of just $25.99 if you apply this coupon code (GB3RISRAEL) you can not complain about the bids.



  1. Wear comfortable, bass is not bombarded, quietly listening, but also to hear the details of high-frequency, musical sense of separation is quite good, you can chase some kind of musical instruments to listen.

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