Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800 Review: Comes with WiFi 6 Gigabit 2.4GHz 5GHz (coupon deal)


Xiaomi has broadened its extent of switches by impelling the Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800. The new Mi Router model goes with Wi-Fi 6 assistance and has a zenith like arrangement to fight. It has similar switches in associations, for instance, Asus and Netgear.


Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800 is absolutely not equivalent to AIoT Router AX3600 in appearance. Xiaomi AX1800’s overall structure is even more square. Likewise, It put in the home won’t feel abrupt, can be generally consolidated into the family beautification style. The AX1800 looks progressively like a Xiaoai AI speaker.

Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800

At the most elevated purpose of the Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800and around the edges and corners, there are held warmth dissipating holes, which are planned to let the glow out of the fuselage even more quickly, keeping up a vital good ways from the defilement of switch execution in light of overheating inside the fuselage.


Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800 is the ensuing switch in Xiaomi’s arrangement with Wi-Fi 6 assistance — after the Mi AIoT Router AX3600 that was pushed in February. The new model has the undeniable, tower-like structure and is constrained by a quad-focus Qualcomm IPQ6000 SoC that joins a 1.2GHz Cortex-A53 CPU, 1.5GHz NPU, and 256MB of RAM. There is furthermore 128MB of ROM.

Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800

Xiaomi claims that it has given a four-way speaker on the Mi Router AX1800 that passes on 50% better incorporation over a fighting model. The closeness of the NPU on the switch moreover assists with offering 21 percent throughput improvement. You’ll also get the OFDMA advancement and work orchestrate sponsorship to get a reliable organization in your home.

The Mi Router AX1800 can be partners with up to 128 contraptions at the same time. Expressly for Xiaomi devices, the switch can interface by methods for the Mi application. There is similarly a twofold band (2×2). The Wi-Fi 6 assists with passing on up to 1,775Mbps movements. It up to 52 percent higher than what you’ll bounce on an ordinary. The AC1200 switch.

Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800


Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800 can be set through the Xiaomi Mi WiFi APP. The =Xiaomi AX1800 is controlling on, you can use the Mi WiFi APP to set up the relationship on the phone. You simply need to follow the prompts to set up the switch.

Through the Xiaomi Mi WiFi APP, we can know the running status of the AX1800 switch persistently. It incorporates the current download speed and movement speed. Likewise, the affiliation gear, which is furthermore useful for customers to manage the WiFi.

Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800

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Xiaomi Wireless Router AX1800 can blacklist them through APP and deny coordinating. In addition, you can moreover compel the speed of different devices, limit web examining, and so on. You can easily buy this from Geekbuying at $67.99. To get the price use the coupon code: 53LIIGLW

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