Xiaomi Xiaowa Lite Review: A Cheap Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Strong Suction


Recently Xiaomi has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner. This is the Xiaowa Robotic Cleaner Lite Version, which has a much lower price than previous models, and that practically offers the same characteristics as in previous generations. Currently, its international version is available at geekbuying with 38% discount, so you can buy it for $149.99, but remember it is a time-limited offer, so hurry.

This new model is not so directed to people who want the best specifications as for those who want a lower price for basic functions. In fact, the official price of this new model is only 999 yuan, $146 to change, while the second generation of the robotic vacuum cleaner MI Robot goes up to 2499 Chinese yuan or $365 to the change in its official price. The Xiaowa Lite Edition can be considered as the 3rd robotic vacuum cleaner launched by Xiaomi as the aforementioned brand is Xiaomi’s sub-brand.

Thanks to GeekBuying, today we have a great opportunity to test and review the Xiaowa Robotic Cleaner Lite. Despite a low price of $300, this robot vacuum with a strong suction power can compete with flagship robot vacuums that cost more than $500. This robot vacuum comes in two variants: with mapping and without it. We are going to review the device without mapping and path planning feature. Ahead, we will share a review so that you know it more in detail.


The retail package is very similar to that of the other two robots launched previously. Robot packing is standard for devices of this manufacturer: a discreet, dense cardboard box with a plastic handle.

The console is not included in the kit, just like in similar vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi, since the main control is carried out using a mobile application on the smartphone and the delivery kit of Xiaowa robot vacuum cleaner is minimal, it includes the following components:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Charging base with the adapter
  • Brush-comb for cleaning the dust container.
  • The main brush
  • Instructions
Design and Appearance

From this point of view, Xiaomi has accustomed us very well, in fact, the construction is impeccable, solid, without imperfection, although during use and following the impact due to the cleaning operations were found some scratches on the front cushioned part. This definitely falls in the normal since the robot has no stored path, but moves randomly bumping sometimes in a mobile fortuitous.

The dimensions remained almost identical to the two higher-end models, we are talking about 35.3 x 35 x 9.05 centimeters for a weight of 3 kilograms (it is lighter than 500 grams).

But what has changed is the design, because although they may seem very similar, here we do not find a fundamental element, namely the turret that integrated the laser distance sensor (LDS) which allowed us to map the house. For the rest, aesthetically the starting point is the same, we have in fact a beautiful minimal design, with soft and modern lines and a very fine color.

At the top, we find the Power / Start key, the key to send the robot to the charging base (Home) and the key for sectorial cleaning. Raising the lid, however, we find the container of dirt.

On the front, we have a part of the sensors including the proximity sensor protected by a cushioned band, which will allow us to preserve the integrity of the furniture and the robot. Under the cover, there is a dust box. It is transparent. So you can understand what part of it is filled at a glance. However, it has a capacity of 640ml.

On the back there is the ventilation grille, while on the bottom there are the cushioned wheels that are able to overcome small obstacles up to a maximum of 2 cm , the difference in height sensors that allow the vacuum not to fall from the stairs, the contacts for the recharge, a large central brush and a smaller lateral one useful to clean the most remote corners and, finally, a 360 ° rotating wheel that will allow the robot to move in all directions.


The software is always the same one we used for the other two robots and for most of the Xiaomi home automation devices, more precisely we talk about the “Mi Home” application.

The operation to be performed is very simple and quick, first of all, it will be necessary to register and then perform the pairing between the two devices. To do this, however, we will have to connect to the Wi-Fi network. If you do not have one, then you can use the vacuum without its smart functions, simply by controlling it through the buttons on the body.

From the initial screen you can see the main functions:

  • Recharge: the robot will return to the charging base;
  • Cleaning: to start or pause the vacuum;
  • Cleaning mode: you can choose between Silent, Standard, Strong and Max.

In addition, within the settings menu there are many more features:

  • Robot setup: through which to set the time zone in which the device is located (useful for the Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum hourly programming), manage the volume of the robot’s voice, apply the Carpet Boost mode (once perceived a carpet, the device will increase the maximum power for a better cleaning) and, finally, the DND mode (do not disturb mode);
  • Timer cleaning: we can program the vacuum activity by choosing when to start it, when to stop it and on what days of the week to do it;
  • Notifications: if we want to receive notifications about the status of the robot;
  • General settings: there are the basic robot settings including rename, share the device, check for updates, decouple and so on;
  • Consumables & Maintenance: we can monitor the state of integrity of the internal components and eventually purchase the spare parts through the app (however it is still not possible to do so).
  • Product Guide and Consumer Support: here we find the user manual and instructions for use;
  • Remote control: we can control the robot through a joystick or directional buttons;
  • Locate my robot: the robot will speak allowing us to understand in which room it is.

Not having the sensors to map the house, we will not find many features on the other two robots, so the software will be thinner. Despite this, we have many features available that are not available on different competitors in the same price range.

Please note that there is the Chinese variant and the international variant of the robot and the two differ only in the language of the voice and the power supply socket.

Technical specifications
  • Collecting capacity: 0.64 L;
  • Aspiration: 1600 Pa;
  • Power: 50 W;
  • Battery: 2600 mAh

The operation of the Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum differs from that of the two previously produced models, as we can not count on the excellent mapping system of the house that takes place through the LDS (laser distance sensor) and the SLAM algorithm (simultaneous localization and mapping).

In fact, the cleaning will happen randomly, so the robot will not cover 100% of the surface of your house because it will certainly happen that you do not clean some points or that you pass more than once on already beaten paths.

At this point, however, it is necessary to make a clarification, because the Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum will not move in a completely random. In fact, initially, it will try to cover the perimeter of the room where it is located and then it will start cleaning in the central part. Obviously, this does not happen in a completely precise way, but it is certainly more accurate than many other robots that do not map.

This is thanks to the proximity and height sensors of which it is equipped, in fact, through the first the robot will perform a deceleration near walls and furniture, will lean slightly and will continue in the appropriate direction. No problem then in the presence of fixed obstacles, which will be appropriately circumvented, while with mobile/light obstacles, the vacuum will make a little ‘more difficulties, dragging them with it.

A very good suction power that will allow us to clean even the most difficult dirt as the finest powder or parts of food fallen to the ground. I invite you to be very careful not to leave small objects on the floor because the robot is able to suck also screws, nails or earphones, which could damage it. Finally, no problem with the passage under furniture and raised sanitary, especially thanks to the absence of the turret (present on the other two vacuum).


Under the body, we find a battery of 2600 mAh, which guarantees us a very good autonomy if we calculate the amperage content. The timing will obviously vary depending on the cleaning mode we are using. Later we bring you some data:

  • Standard mode: about 2 hours change from 100% to 0%
  • Max mode: 52 minutes of use, change from 100% to 25%.

As soon as the Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum drops below 30% it will automatically start towards the recharging base. When it comes to this aspect it is important to make a clarification: the base should be placed in a point free from obstacles within a meter (not calculating the back of the base that we can safely rest against the wall). The vacuum cleaner needs about 2 hours to be fully charged.

Finally, compared to the other two more advanced models, when the device is unloaded it will not resume from the same point where it stopped but will start over again (this is because the mapping is not done).


In conclusion, we are talking about a robot that is certainly efficient for its standards and its competitors. The construction is very good, the design is elegant and we have good software to manage everything, but nowadays it is perhaps better to focus on a robot that cleans your home by mapping.

Do not get me wrong, if you want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner , but you do not want to exceed a certain budget, then this is certainly a very good product , but one piece of advice I can give is that adding a little more you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum that will allow you not to have to do the cleaning twice because through the mapping of the house will be able to cover almost 100% of the surface .

If you are interested in the Xiaowa Robotic Cleaner Lite, we invite you to enter the Geekbuying online store where you will find its international version with a great 38% discount, so your purchase price is just $179.99. Like any promotion, it has a time limit, so we suggest you rush if you want to take advantage of it.

Update on Nov.23, 2018

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