Xiaomi Yeelock ZNGS01YSB Review – Smart Drawer Cabinet Switch Lock For Just $11.09 at Geekbuying (Coupon)


Xiaomi Yeelock (ZNGS01YSB) Smart Drawer Switch is a modern latch for a drawer or cabinet. It is intended for locking furniture doors, drawers, small doors, etc. It is controlled from a smartphone, it has the functions of automatic closing and opening by time.

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Xiaomi Yeelock (ZNGS01YSB) Smart Drawer Switch has a minimalist design, focusing on every little detail in the design process to bring a better user experience. Specifically, the body of the lock has a shell made of anti-ultraviolet material, anti-fouling, and anti-fingerprint, ensuring a lasting beauty, not fading. The locking blade part has a compact, flexible design, undergoes a multi-layered chromium plating process, which is good against abrasion and corrosion despite long-term use. Besides, the lock installation is quite simple. With 3M adhesive (equipped with locking set) with high adhesion, which helps lock the lock in the long run. 3M adhesives are also compatible with a variety of materials, allowing you to flexibly use them on a variety of devices.

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With easy installation and high security, the Xiaomi Yeelock (ZNGS01YSB) Smart Drawer Switch will better protect your personal space, whether it be important documents in an office drawer or personal items stored at home. For families with young children, with an active and curious character, children often like to open and search lockers. The Yeelock Smart Lock will protect your documents and personal belongings by isolating your child from dangerous objects such as medicine, or sharp objects such as scissors. Installing a Yeelock lock is quite simple. Using 3M tape, which has the high adhesive ability, you can fix the lock for a long time. 3M adhesive tape is also compatible with many materials, which allows you to flexibly use it with various devices. For conventional locks, you may lose the key due to its too small size.

Now this problem will be solve using Xiaomi Yeelock (ZNGS01YSB) Smart Drawer Switch, as it supports synchronization with the smartphone via Bluetooth. Now your smartphone will be the key to a smart lock. Using the remote trust program, even if you are on a business trip or on vacation, while your colleagues need to urgently use documents, you can still log in remotely through the Wechat application. As well as a notification function about an attempted hack. Now you can store valuables and documents in your drawer without fear. The opening and closing of the lock control from the smartphone via Bluetooth.

It can control through an application that will alert us if someone tried to open the box. If the box is closed and you forget to activate the latch in the application, it will automatically close. Xiaomi Yeelock Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock is power by two AA batteries, it uses low-power technology, thanks to them, 2 years there is no need to change the battery.


You have important documents that need confidentiality or souvenirs that need to be stored carefully, but the lockers on the market are still vulnerable and have low security. Xiaomi Yeelock (ZNGS01YSB) Smart Drawer Switch will be the best security solution for your life. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $11.09 by using Coupon Code: HNNNSWITCH

Buy Xiaomi Yeelock ZNGS01YSB Smart Drawer Lock at Geekbuying


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