XIAOMI YI Mirror Dash Camera 4.3 Inch IPS Touch Screen in Just $103.99 @CooliCool flash sale


XIAOMI YI Mirror Dash Camera Hardwire Kit empowers you to present your In Car Cam forever into your vehicle. The forward looking camera includes a 138° all-glass focal point with a f/2.0 gap furnishing a genuine wide edge with high goals. It can easily record three paths, and Its four full-glass focal points with an infrared channel conveys sunny morning and night optical abilities with a more extravagant, cleaner imaging impact.

Xiaomi YI Mirror Dash Cam Price: $103.99

The forward looking 1080p camera includes a 138° ultra wide-point focal point with f/2.0 huge opening to give great review capacities even in low-light. The high-affectability picture sensor joined with an all-glass focal point conveys radiant live video to the presentation. The high goals back camera with invert location has remains shielded from residue and water, while as yet conveying clear 720p chronicles.

Stay alert consistently with the driver exhaustion include. Following two hours of ceaseless driving the YI Mirror Dash Cam will alarm you with a brief that must be shut physically. Guarantee the prosperity of you and your travelers with this dependable security include. With an inherent 3 hub customizable G-sensor the YI Mirror Dash Cam will consequently initiate crisis recording in case of a crash. It will secure the whole film, including the minutes paving the way to the mishap.

The 720p camera attentively fits on the back of your vehicle. With a basic helper line setup the framework naturally recognizes turn around movement and switches the mirror show to demonstrate precisely what the back camera can see. The IP67 rating makes it rainproof and dustproof. The materials and plan of the YI Mirror Dash Camera have been chosen to guarantee the camera is anything but difficult to mount and will remain set up while driving. The mirror camera doesn’t require any debilitating techniques to introduce, just mount it over your unique rearview reflect with the customizable versatile lashes. you can easily buy this from CooliCool with $103.99

Xiaomi YI Mirror Dash Cam Price: $103.99


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