Xiaomi Youpin 400-fold Smart Microscope is for Online Sale


On April 13, Xiaomi YouPin crowdfunded a Dangdangli smart microscope, which costs 199 yuan for a single device and 399 yuan for a set.

The microscope can be connected to a phone, tablet or computer and can display images directly, eliminating the need to look at your eyes. One button to take photos and video, to retain the wonderful picture.

High-definition optical lens to create a professional imaging system, turn the knob to zoom in and out, without the traditional complex operation, easy to understand and fast focus.

Dangdang smart microscope can achieve the combined magnification effect of 1-400x, single objective magnification of 1-100x, electronic magnification of 1-4x, through adjustment can achieve any multiple in this range.

Its innovative backlight dyeing technology eliminates part of artificial dyeing. The base 7-color poleless light source can be adjusted, and the light color can be changed freely, which eliminates the need for artificial dyeing of transparent and translucent sections, and it is easy to operate.

Dangdang cat intelligent microscope monomer light to 100g, the size of children’s hand, intimate strap design, outdoor play easy to carry; Combined with the base, the second vertical microscope, observation more professional.

Different from traditional microscopes, the monomer comes with LED light source, multi-level adjustment, and you can observe freely in dim places. Lighten up the micro world with a simple press.

In terms of battery life, the single can last for 2 hours, and the matching base can last for 10 hours. The battery capacity is 2700mAh, and the Type-C interface charging supports direct charging of the charger.

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Product list of intelligent microscope set: microscope monometer X1, microscope base X1, specimen fixing clip X2, microscope popular science book X1, observation record book X1, biological slide X10, blank slide and cover glass X10, collection bottle X3 (30ml, 60ml, 80ml), specimen collection box X1, petri dish X2, dropper X1, forceps X1, tool box X1, charging cable X1, calibration card X1.


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