Xiaomi Youpin 8H Smart Mattress Crowdfunding: Automatically Match Your Body Shape


Xiaomi Eco-Chain Enterprise Fun Sleep Technology launched the Xiaomi Youpin 8H Smart Mattress adaptive soft and hard adjustable smart mattress Zero. This mattress can intelligently determine the left and right partitions and configure the appropriate softness and hardness according to different postures.

At the same time, it also has a yoga sleep mode, 5 major algorithm support, Xiaoai intelligent control, independent 6-zone airbag, graphene far-infrared heating, vibration alarm clock, and other functions.

Today, this new product has been launched on Xiaomi Crowdfunding. The original price starts at 6799 yuan. Now the crowdfunding price starts at 4599 yuan. The 150x200x26cm model is 4599 yuan and the 180x200x26cm model is 4999 yuan.

The spine curve is not completely horizontal when the person is lying down. According to the artificial intelligence algorithm, through the mattress built-in AI sleep system, the intelligent mattress Zero can automatically sense the human body data, calculate the airbag air pressure value suitable for the body, and the soft and hard adjustment system Control the air volume required by each airbag in the independent 6 zones, and adjust the softness and hardness of the mattress in 20 seconds

Smart mattresses can recognize and automatically adapt to the body shape and signs of multiple users. When the couple swaps left and right from their sleeping habits, no adjustment is required, and they can automatically adapt to lying down on both sides.

You can also use the Mijia APP, wireless remote control, or Xiaoai classmates to customize the softness of each partition and mattress. You don’t need to adjust it again next time.

The 26cm-thick Youpin 8H Smart Mattress and 3cm-thick Italian Schcott natural latex have the characteristics of soft elasticity. The combination of independent 6-zone gas and independent pocket springs, the tough support effectively protects the spine. The skin-friendly graphene jacket fabric doubles the comfort of sleeping.

The Youpin 8H Smart Mattress can be linked with the Mijia APP, etc., or it can be preset 5-10 minutes before the alarm clock rings to gently wake up the body through the ups and downs of the airbag.

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At the same time, the Xiaomi Youpin 8H Smart Mattress also has a sleep monitoring system. The mattress has a built-in pressure sensor and an intelligent algorithm, which can output reports through data dimensions such as the user’s sleeping posture, comfort, sleep level, sleep time, and physical condition.

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