Xiaomi Youpin A1 Folding Walking Machine: For Just $399.99 at 46% OFF Sale


Xiaomi has so many wonderful stuff that we almost expected when a treadmill was launched. Next time comes the elipistrener, the cuddly, and then a smart bed bench. But today we present to you the Xiaomi Youpin A1 Folding Walking Machine. This walking pad is a compact device which is foldable, so as to conserve space and at the same time, give you the maximum satisfaction, fitness, and good exercise.

Buy Xiaomi Youpin A1 Folding Walking Machine Just at $399.99

The structure is not only small but also lightweight. The whole frame system is made of aluminum alloy, so cakli-pali is 28 kilograms. Of course, it is not so good to raise the weight, so the two Xiaomin wheels have been added to the pad, which allows you to slide under the bed easily in a collapsed state.

The pad will only be good for jogging or walking because the maximum adjustable speed is 6 and a minimum of 0.5 kilometers per hour. The drive will need a 220-volt network and a converter for the plug that is Chinese-standard. Of course this should not be an obstacle, for some dollars we get such a converter. It is also important that the bench has a maximum load of 90 kilograms.

Like almost every Xiaomi product, this pad is also smart. It can be integrated into Xiaomi Mi Home, but it can be controlled either with the supplied remote control. Cleverness can not only be achieved, but also that the machine can operate in two modes. For beginners, the manufacturer suggests a fixed-speed mode, which of course can be set with the remote control while driving. For advanced joggers, the variable speed mode has been prepared, when the pad detects that we are close to the head or to the end. Accelerates automatically if you slow down automatically to the rear.

The Xiaomi Youpin A1 Folding Walking Machine is sleek, clever, small enough to fit, so it’s really practical if you do not want to jump out of the apartment. Xiaomi A1 Folding Walking Machine is now avaialble on Gearbest Just at $399.99 with 46% OFF Flash Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Youpin A1 Folding Walking Machine Just at $399.99


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