Xiaomi Youpin Blast Wind Doctrine Smart Mech Robot in on Crowdfunding Starts at $59.99


Remote control cars and remote control robots are the childhood dreams of many boys. In order to get a toy, they can haunt their parents all day and even take the initiative to “contract” all housework at home. Today, Xiaomi Youpin has put on the shelves a “Xiaomi Youpin Blast Wind Doctrine Mech” that can be played by both adults and children. The original price starts at 599 yuan and the crowdfunding price starts at 399 yuan.

The Blast Wind Doctrine has selling points such as memory programming, 360° omnidirectional movement, and magnetic structure.

Xiaomi Youpin Blast Wind Doctrine Mech is understood that the smart mech supports “live ammunition shooting” through the mecha launcher for water bomb shooting. In addition, the water bomb is also made of environmentally friendly materials, which can be naturally degraded after landing. Although the water bomb design is adopted, the players are still equipped with goggles to prevent damage due to misoperation.

Of course, as a smart mecha toy in 2020, scientific and technological elements are naturally indispensable. The mecha has built-in 18 action command languages, which can be used to design actions and routes of the mecha through simple programming.

It is reported that the smart mecha adopts modular distribution and adopts dual smart systems for control so that all components work together and reduce delay. The smart mech supports infrared online battles. In the battle, it can also simulate real power destruction. If it hits the wheel, it will lose power to the machine, and it can be restored after restarting.

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Xiaomi Youpin Blast Wind Doctrine Mech is worth noting that DJI also has a product of the same category-RoboMaster S1, currently priced at 3499 yuan on the official website.


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