Xiaomi Youpin Fizz Automatic Electric Pen Sharpener is on Sale Now


An automatic electric pen sharpener by Fizz has hit the shelves recently. The pen is adjustable in size and costs 149 yuan.

This electric pencil sharpener uses an alloy hob, which automatically pulls the pencil back and forth when it is put or taken, and automatically grabs the pencil without holding it. It sharpens the dull pen around 5s and the new pen around 10s, and automatically exits after sharpening.

The thickness can be adjusted, and it has the function of sharpening pen in two positions, with pointed head and flat head, which can meet the needs of daily writing and painting and other scenes. Various specifications are applicable, suitable for 7mm~8mm thick pencil, writing pencil, color lead, hole pen, triangle pen, etc. which all can be cut.

The shape of the pen can be whittled: triangle, circle, hexagon.

when facing Overheat protection and intelligent shutdown, the pen sharpener can sustainably work, when the temperature reaches the specified temperature, automatic power off protection machine, so as to slow down the aging of the machine, improve the life of the machine.

Fizzy pen sharpener also uses a large capacity transparent visible chip box, chip box transparent visible, can be viewed at any time, centralized storage chip, no need to clean up frequently, using open cover design, waste disposal convenient and fast, not easy to dirty hands.

In terms of safety, the power will be cut off automatically after the cover is opened, so that the safety protection will not hurt the hands.


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