Xiaomi Youpin H6 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Released For Just 2699 yuan ($352.38)


Today, Xiaomi Youpin has launched a stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 product. The Xiaomi Youpin H6 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a polymer ultra-light battery with 150AW suction power, multi-cone non-loss. OLED screen display, and floor charging support. The crowdfunding price is 2699 yuan, and you can receive a 200 yuan limited coupon/. And the final price is 2499 yuan. Crowdfunding will start on April 1.

Xiaomi Youpin H6 uses a high-energy-density powered polymer battery. This is the same as the expensive UAV battery technology and has the advantages of high endurance, long life. And lightweight. After fully charged, the power saving mode can work for up to 90 minutes. And the standard mode for 45 minutes. Providing sufficient cleaning time. And the suction will not decay with the decrease of power.

Youpin H6 weighs 1.43Kg, with ergonomic design behind the battery. It adopts 150AW suction power, vacuum suction up to 25000Pa. And is equipped with vector variable frequency motor.

The stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 supports rapid start and stop. And efficient air-dust separation throughout the process. The filtration efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 99.97%. And it locks pollutants 8 times smaller than PM2.5.

Youpin H6 supports OLED screen display, can display battery life, charging progress, cleaning mode. When the filter needs to be cleaned. The OLED screen can intelligently remind and demonstrate maintenance methods. It also supports the lock mode. Which frees your fingers and allows you to vacuum continuously without long-pressing the trigger.

Xiaomi Youpin H6 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner supports the floor-standing charging bracket of aluminum alloy.

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