Xiaomi Youpin Moxibustion Apparatus Now on Sales at $29.99


Xiaomi Youpin officially announced the launch of a cool and relaxing new product-the Xiaomi Youpin Moxibustion Apparatus, which allows users to open a new mode of moxibustion and nourishment anytime, anywhere. The moxibustion instrument uses a magnetic storage box, which is ready to use when you pick it up and recharges when you put it down. It heats evenly and quickly, is smokeless and tasteless. The crowdfunding price is 199 yuan. Now crowdfunding has been launched.

Moxibustion, inherited from traditional Chinese medicine, is based on the principle that moxa heat stimulates specific acupoints or specific parts to stimulate meridian qi, which can not only inhibit hyperfunction but also excite declining functions to a physiological equilibrium state. It is a benign stimulus to the human body and is suitable for Yu Angelica wolfberry health party, overtime stays up late skincare party, and milk tea hot pot weight loss party.

The Cool Relaxation Graphene Intelligent Moxibustion Apparatus is based on the transmission of moxibustion herbal medicine. It replaces traditional open flame physiotherapy with new material of graphene, three-stage temperature control, and other technologies, allowing users to experience the convenience of modern technology. The effect of traditional open fire moxibustion.

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In terms of design, the cool-easy graphene intelligent moxibustion instrument has a compact shape and is very easy to carry, allowing users to make full use of the fragmented time and turn on the moxibustion mode anytime and anywhere. The product is equipped with a magnetic charging box, which can not only easily store the moxibustion head, but also continuously charges it when it is idle.

The total power can be used for 9 consecutive moxibustion and use. The Xiaomi Youpin Moxibustion Apparatus uses graphene heating technology, and its material has the characteristics of balanced heat conduction. With warm moxibustion with wormwood essence, it can quickly act on the human body without any smoke or open flame during the whole process.


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