Xiaomi Youpin NT21MS03 – 003 Eye Mask Review: Air Brain Wave Help Sleep Eye Mask For Just $57.99 (Only 99Pcs Left)


After a long day of continuous contact with computers, phones, and laptops, it’s time for your eyes to rest. If you’re still wondering what good product to choose, Get NT21MS03 – 003 Air Brain Wave Help Sleep Eye Mask from Xiaomi youpin will be a great suggestion to help your eyes relax.

Buy NT21MS03 – 003 Eye Mask from Xiaomi youpin at $57.99


The NT21MS03 – 003 with a lightweight design that fits well with the eye area with a weight of only 50g for users to feel light. 3 gold-plated electrodes help prevent skin irritation and exploit brain waves effectively. Breathable 3D stereo eye socket helps protect the delicate skin around your eye area. The Velcro strap is not sticky fits into the head ring for the user to feel most comfortable. NT21MS03 – 003 eyes Mask has 2 layers. The outer class A is made of high-quality breathable linen fabric with high aesthetics. The inner B layer is a soft, breathable and highly elastic sponge that helps to maintain ventilation and comfort, and also has good anti-noise and anti-aging properties.

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With artificial intelligence, Enter Air Cushion Cover also adjusts the volume to protect your hearing. When you start to sleep, it will emit soft sounds like small rain, giving users a peaceful sleep. When you fall asleep, it will automatically lower the volume. When you sleep deeply, it will lower the volume to the lowest level. Intelligent wake-up function is a plus point of the air cushion cover. As long as you schedule, NT21MS03 – 003 via the “easy” app will select an appropriate time and wake you up with gentle music, helping you to wake up naturally and comfortably. Removable module settings and Bluetooth connectivity feature make it possible to sleep in any position without being tied. Along with 55mAh battery capacity, users can enjoy anytime, anywhere. When the battery mode is low, users can remove the control box to charge. Fast charging mode for only 2 hours helps users save time.


The internationally proven NT21MS03 – 003 Air Brain Wave Help Sleep Eye Mask from Xiaomi youpin is safe and environmentally friendly. We can buy it from Gearbest at $57.99, Only 99 Pcs left.

Buy NT21MS03 – 003 Eye Mask from Xiaomi youpin at $57.99


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