Xiaomi Youpin Released Handheld Electric Mosquito Swatter


Xiaomi Youpin launched a Xiangwu foldable handheld electric mosquito swatter. An innovative integrated dual-mode. Which combines a mosquito killer lamp and a mosquito killer combo, priced at 79 yuan.

The hand-held electric mosquito swatter provides two modes of use. The upright type can be used as a hand-held electric mosquito swatter. After the handle is bent, it can become a base for use as a desktop mosquito killer lamp.

The unique two-in-one base design, the handle is equipped with a 90-rotatable structure. And can be placed directly on the desktop as an anti-mosquito lamp after bending. There is no need for an additional base, eliminating the trouble of storing accessories.

There is a high-brightness LED mosquito-seeking lamp on the front of the hand-held electric mosquito swatter. Which is convenient for quickly finding the direction of the mosquitoes at night. The dark environment can also easily kill the mosquitoes. Enjoying the thrill of killing and the crackling current sound is really exciting.

Nine LE3D purple light beads are placed under the safety net to form a “skyline” mosquito trapping light strip. When the automatic mosquito-killing mode is turned on. The insect phototaxis is used to attract the mosquitoes to fly to the power grid to automatically trap and kill the mosquitoes. The Youpin Mosquito Swatter emits ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 360-400nm to lure mosquitoes to fly in. And kill them through a high-voltage power grid. The physical mosquitoes are eliminated without chemical substances.

Youpin Mosquito Swatter built-in 1200mAh battery can be used continuously for about 7-12 days. Inactive handheld mode after being fully charged. And can also work continuously for about 3 hours in passive desktop anti-mosquito mode.

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