Xiaomi Youpin Sairui Rival 106 Gaming Mouse is On Sale at 189 yuan, $27


Xiaomi has recently launched an entry-level wired game mouse, called Sairui Rival 106, for 189 yuan, $27.

It features a TM1 game sensor, durable micro motion, approximately 16.8 million colors, and custom buttons.

As part of Rival Series, Rival 106 has made some adjustments to right-handed use based on the KANA classic design language, but the overall left-right symmetry of the mouse makes it equally suitable for left-handed use.

With 6 programmable buttons, the whole design is ultra-lightweight, allowing the overall weight of the mouse to be controlled at 80G, which is very light and feels more comfortable. Its small size allows Rival 106 to match a variety of hand shapes and grip positions.

In terms of color matching, the black bottom shell and the bright white top cover are selected. Prism RGB lighting is added to provide 16.8 million colors, which is more beautiful and fashionable.

At the hardware level, Rival 106 has been upgraded to Rival’s exclusive TrueMove1 optical engine that supports “true 1:1” tracking and provides more accurate tracking performance in a 3,500 CPI range, up to a maximum of 7,200 CPI.


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