Xiaomi Youpin SPA Massager Starts to Crowdfund at 599 yuan, $85


On September 3, Xiaomi Youpin launched its smart head massager, also known as head, eye and neck three-in-1 massage helmet, with a crowdfunding price of 599 yuan, $85 and a retail price of 799 yuan, $114 in the future.

The 3D air bag is used to surround the head, neck and eyes to enjoy a one-stop massage experience of multiple parts. The futuristic cool appearance design makes it become the “number one player” in the massage world.

On the head, the smart head massager is in line with the respiratory pressure massage frequency for human comfort. The seven raised silica gel massage heads press the main points such as baihui and Tongtian points to promote blood flow in the brain and relax the scalp.

In eye part, air pressure gentle massage, auxiliary 40℃ large area constant temperature hot compress, appropriate and comfortable warm feeling, fully relieve the dry eyes, sore, and other symptoms, to combat the excessive use of the eyes of students, office workers.

In the neck, the 3D airbag is used to press the neck through two massage bumps while the air is filled and released. The high frequency vibration is hit for up to 200 times, and the graphene heating is applied at 40 ° C, which can effectively dissipate the tension and fatigue of cervical muscles, relax the neck muscles, and prevent the “occupational syndrome” caused by facing computers for a long time.

It also supports the voice control of XiaoAI. Through the Mijia APP, you can freely choose 4 modes to adjust the massage time, airbag pressure and hot compress temperature, and set the massage experience in more details.

Built-in elastic adjustment design, through two knobs up and down can be adjusted 30mm, front and back can be adjusted 48mm, to meet the tightness needs of different groups of people.

The built-in 2400mAh large-capacity battery can be fully charged in about 2.5 hours. It can be used for 15 minutes each time and can be recycled for 6-8 times.


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