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Xiaomi Youth Wireless Bluetooth Earphone comes with Small scale tilt movement ear top, agreeable and hard to drop According to the enormous scale information look into on the human ear waterway, which joined with ergonomics, we planned a 58-degree smaller scale tilted games ear for the Youth Edition of Xiaomi Sports Headphones. This plan can all the more likely fit the form of the ear, successfully fixing the headphones, difficult to tumble off, and making the development all the freer.

Xiaomi Youth Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Price: $13.99

It has the lightweight of the 13.6g lightweight body, for example, breeze In request to seek after a lighter wearing feel, we enhanced the parts of the earphones to lessen the heaviness of wearing. The entire machine weighs just 13.6g, which is lighter than the Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Mini, enabling you to appreciate each minute. At the state of full power, Xiaomi Sports Headphones Youth Edition has a battery life of as long as 11 hours, enabling music to keep going forever, when you watched 8 motion pictures, no compelling reason to change frequently, let you appreciate the sound and video feast.

Xiaomi Youth Wireless Bluetooth Earphone gives you 11 long periods of battery life is estimated when playing at medium volume, and the battery life is around 6 hours when played at greatest volume. To anticipate hearing harm brought about by inordinate volume, select a medium volume. The genuine battery life will shift contingent upon the volume of the earphones and the earth.

It is tested IPX4 waterproof, no dread of perspiration Professional waterproof rating can viably anticipate sweat, downpour sprinkles on the headphone segments harm. Exercise is deceitful, let the perspiration stream. Tested by an outside lab, the earphone is sprinkled evidence and the waterproof dimension is IPX4, yet the waterproof fitting of the charging port must be shut. The waterproof of the headphone execution might be debased by day by day mileage, and harm because of drenching in fluids isn’t secured by the guarantee.

Each note is enticing Composite structure acoustics, reestablish genuine sound quality Copper voice curl unit Equipped with 10MM solid attractive moving loop unit, the top-notch copper enameled wire in the moving loop can adequately upgrade the medium and low sound quality, appearing fragile, clear and straightforward sound quality.  PET ultra-slight horn stomach PET stomach can cause vibration and vocalization to accomplish an increasingly steady impact, successfully lessening the soft tone bending for you to plainly exhibit the rich layering in the melody, let each note goes directly to the chamber.

Xiaomi Youth Wireless Bluetooth Earphone has Millet Sports Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition The sound moves with you, making the development loaded with intrigue Anti-revealing games ear top I Insight to 13.6g I 11 hours enduring battery life I IPX4 expert waterproof. you can easily buy this from Banggood at $13.99. Ge the 40% off for Xiaomi Youth Bluetooth Sports Earphone
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Xiaomi Youth Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Price: $13.99


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