Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard Officially Released Today at 299 yuan, $50


Today, Xiaomi has not only started to sell  Xiaomi MI Power Bank 2, but also the first mechanical keyboard that we have reported before, it called Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard, aiming at 87 keys, aluminum alloy body,  TTC red shaft, which is very simple but practical.


As a first 87 keys keyboard, Yuemi mechanical keyboard is small with 35.8cm length, which can also be contained in the small and narrow desktop. The keyboard uses 6 layer structure design, built in lock shaft steel plate with alloy shell, 940g weight. It is quite  tenacious, after anodic oxidation sandblasting surface treatment, its hardness has reached H32 level, more wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting.


The keyboard bracket has 6° angle to the desktop, which accords with human body engineering and it can relieve the figure of our fingers on the keyboard effectively. It is also equipped with the separate keyboard and line, which can plug-in or plug-out anytime.


It comes with classic TTC red shaft, which can stand up to 50,000 times to click. The mainboard uses the semiconductor main control chipset from Italy and France, 32 bit ARM architecture, 1000Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, we can click 11 times at the same time without contradiction.


Its keycap uses semi-transparent  polycarbonate and ABS resin white double color design, the letter is full of wear-resisting, and we can change the keycap automatically to keep its beauty. In addition, Yuemi mechanical keyboard is equipped with 3528 LED light,  6500k pure white temperature, 6-level luminescence brightness. Caps lock button, scroll button, Win button and other function buttons provides, and it can also offer orange and white dual core backlight. It’s time to change your new mechanical keyboard now. You can get it at 299 yuan, $50 according to its official.


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