Xiaomi Zhimi Electric Heater Release: This Winter Is Not Afraid of Cold


In the country to promote coal power in the context of some families on the other heating needs continue to increase.For many families in the south, the winter is colder than the northern part of early spring. For these families, the use of heaters and other products can effectively improve indoor comfort. So today Xiaomi Ecodesign introduced Zhimi electric heater, priced at 269 yuan and it will be available for sale at 10 am on 7th February.

It is reported that, according to the purpose of increasing the indoor temperature uniformly, the smart electric heater adopts the convection heating design to reduce the heat around the 4, so that the hot air rises along the bottom of the vertical air duct, the pressure of the cold air flows down to form convection,

Circulation air convection heat cycle, so that the heat evenly distributed in the interior space, to avoid the traditional local heat accumulation, there will be no over-dry situation. The entire heating system with no wind, the use of more comfortable body feel.

Using 2 heating mode Xiaomi Zhimi electric heater can be freely switched 1000W to 2000W and heating power. Low-power mode is equivalent to the auxiliary heating, the high-performance mode can be powerful heating, the user can choose according to their specific use of gear.

Xiaomi Zhimi electric heater provides perfect dual security, automatically cut off the power when the fuselage temperature exceeds 85 ° C, to avoid fire. At the same time, the fuselage built-in roll protection switch, when the body tilts more than 45 degrees will automatically shut down to eliminate potential security risks.

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In ensuring the strong performance at the same time, Xiaomi Zhimi electric heater to further reduce the size of the fuselage and compact body to adapt very useful design because its whole thickness is 200mm and height is 455mm.

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