Xiaomi ZMi Launches Rainbow No. 5, No. 12 and No. 7 Batteries Package Priced at $4.43


In daily life, the 7th and the 5th battery are commonly used in various remote controls and toys. Because they are incompatible with each other in volume, they need to be purchased every time. Xiaomi Eco-chain Enterprise ZMi Technology has launched a battery kit which contains 12 pieces of Rainbow No. 5, No. 12 Rainbow and No. 7 batteries. The total price of this package is 29.9 yuan (about $4.43), which will be sold at 10 am on February 11.

The Rainbow 5th battery uses 10 kinds of brilliant colors, which can distinguish between old and new batteries by color and can also match different colors for different appliances according to preferences.

According to reports, the rainbow battery uses Maxell battery core, the power is sufficient, and it is an alkaline environmentally friendly battery, no mercury, and no cadmium.

The official claims that it has a higher discharge capacity than ordinary carbon batteries, and through the patented technology of differential steel shell stretching, the content capacity is higher than that of the previous generation of alkaline batteries on a constant volume basis.

In addition, the secondary filling technology is adopted, and the high density enhances the contact between the positive and positive rings, ensuring that the power output is more powerful and longer lasting.

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