Xiaomi’s first Automatic Smart Door Lock released at 1699 yuan, $242


Xiaomi fully automatic smart lock opens pre-sale, the hand price is 1699 yuan, $242. This is the first automatic smart door lock introduced by Xiaomi. It adopts the fast automatic lock body and the straight-insert C-class lock core, carrying 10 security protection.

As xiaomi’s first high-end automatic smart lock, xiaomi automatic smart lock can realize one-step switch. We learned that after fingerprint identification, xiaomi automatic intelligent lock in the opening of the lock tongue all automatically back to unlock, lock tongue all automatically out of the lock when closing the door, no need for a second operation. On this basis, the optimization and upgrading of millet automatic intelligent locks further pick up by the linear driving force, planetary gear reducer, micro-motor components such as power, status, sensory perception of innovation of linear dynamic system, small current linear driver can make the lock tongue slip faster and more stable, open close more quiet, even if don’t disturb the family home in the middle of the night to have a rest.

In terms of verification methods, Xiaomi automatic smart door lock is equipped with HomeKit, NFC, bluetooth of mobile phone, emergency key and other 7 ways to unlock doors applicable to different scenes. After Apple Homekit is authorized through the Mi Home APP, the lock is automatically unlocked with a “hey Siri, unlock the door.” In addition, xiaomi automatic intelligent lock combined with fingerprint, skin and electrical conductivity and other information can achieve multi-dimensional fingerprint identification, fingerprint identification rate as high as 98.94%.

In terms of the most core security performance of the intelligent lock, xiaomi automatic intelligent lock has added 10 security protection such as fingerprint alarm, double induction lock, 5 big abnormal alarm, one-key protection at home, and closely guards the security at home. In case of stalking by bad guys or other dangerous situations, if the lock is unlocked with the pre-set threatening fingerprint, the lock will immediately call the pre-set emergency contact through the Mijia APP on the mobile phone. When opening the door, you need to hold the sensing area behind the handle and press the button to unlock the door. If you have pets at home, it can effectively prevent them from opening the door by mistake. When users are away from home for a long time on business trips, they can open the defense mode on the panel of Mi automatic smart lock with one click, wake up other smart devices in the home, turn on camera monitoring, close home appliances, etc. If someone opens the door after leaving home, the door lock will be opened in time local + remote alarm.

Xiaomi automatic intelligent lock into the intelligent linkage function. Just connect the Bluetooth gateway and set it on mijia APP. Mi Automatic smart lock can interact with other Mijia smart devices to cover life scenes. In addition, Xiaomi automatic smart lock also supports HomeKit linkage, integrated doorbell and APP management, enabling users to enjoy a more convenient and intelligent life.

In terms of appearance design, Xiaomi automatic intelligent lock adopts pure black panel, electrophoretic spraying is not easy to drop paint, and adopts high-strength alloy material and precision CNC technology, which makes it doubly safe and has a sense of quality. It is worth mentioning that the top of xiaomi automatic intelligent lock is also equipped with breathing light, and adopts a simple round corner design to adapt to the minimalist style of modern household.


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