Xiaomi’s First Car Co-Signed, Redmi Announced to Cooperate with Mercedes AMG F1 Team


Redmi will unveil the K50 esports version of its flagship phone at a press event on Wednesday.

Early this morning, Redmi announced on its official wechat account that Redmi has signed an exclusive partnership with Mercedes AMG F1 team. This is the first time that Xiaomi has teamed up with a car company.

This also confirmed the authenticity of the K50 e-sports version of the joint rendering.

According to the previous exposure of the picture, K50 e-sports version and Mercedes AMG jointly launched a similar silver gray color version, coupled with the AMG F1 team classic aqua blue embellish, body back also printed with Mercedes, AMG logo, looking very cool.

The overall appearance reflects the sense of speed and science fiction sense, flagship breath can be said to be very strong.

As for the core configuration, according to the previous rumors, the co-branded model should be basically the same as the ordinary version, which is equipped with the most powerful new Snapdragon 8 chip currently produced by Android. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with LPDDR5 and UFS3.1 storage combination, which can run at the top speed.

In addition, Redmi K50 esports version phone will also be equipped with the exclusive “IO Turbo read and write engine”, through the reconstruction of the file read and write architecture, the traditional single-thread read and write to multi-thread, further break the bottleneck of read and write.

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The official claim is that the proven unzip speed is up to 100%, and the copy speed is up to 300%, which is a significant improvement in overall performance output and game experience.


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