Xiaomi’s First Ink Screen Reader: 579 yuan ($82.35) to Ppen Crowdfunding


The emergence of ink screen paper books has caused a wave of “paperless reading”. Xiaomi, who has excellent hardware product genes and the advantages of reading software, has also launched his own reader in the near future. Xiaomi has read electronic paper books as the first product to enter this industry.  Xiaomi looks at the electronic paper book with 6-inch 212ppi HD ink screen, built-in 24-level reading light, 16GB large storage +1GB storage, equipped with 4 core CPU and Android 8.1 system, and provides more reading and reading massive resources, cloud disk login one button Download, and the overall is also very light, weighing only 178g. It can be found that compared with other products at the same price, Xiaomi has a higher screen definition and a much larger volume.

From the appearance point of view, Xiaomi looks at the weight of the electronic paper book machine is only 178g, 8.3mm ultra-thin body, surrounded by rounded chamfer design, back cover skin-friendly anti-fingerprint coating, one-hand or two-handed experience is very it is good. The front frame of the fuselage is white, with the logo “MiReader” on the bottom and dark gray on the back. The top power button is used for lock screen and on/off, and the bottom is Type-C charging/data interface and charging indicator.

As the first e-reader of Xiaomi, Xiaomi’s electronic paper book uses a 6-inch 212ppi high-definition electronic ink screen, which is combined with glare surface treatment to give a paper-like reading experience. At the same time, it has built-in 24-level reading light for fine dimming and brightness uniformity of up to 94% for a clearer and more comfortable reading experience in different lighting conditions.

In terms of configuration, Xiaomi looks at the electronic paper book using Allwinner4 core @1.8GHz processor, Android 8.1 operating system, plus 1GB of a great memory, wake up from standby only one second, page-turning is more sensitive, guarantee Smooth reading by the user. In addition, it also has 16GB of large storage, can store more than 5,000 books (calculated according to 2M per book), 1800mAh large battery, can be used for several weeks on a single charge.

On the content resources, Xiaomi can read more electronic books, including genuine books, networks, and comics. Users can choose to log in to the Xiaomi/WeChat account, and the device can instantly synchronize all personal data. At the same time, it also supports logging in Baidu cloud disk and watching the cloud, downloading the content in the cloud space readable format, including files, contracts, work materials, etc., can be downloaded to the electronic paper book local.

Xiaomi watches electronic paper books to support WLAN book transfer. After connecting wifi, the screen will generate a two-dimensional code. Users can scan the QR code through the mobile phone, or input the address on the PC to transmit, or connect the computer through Type-C data cable. Import books in bulk.

In terms of format, Xiaomi watches electronic paper books to support common txt, epub, pdf and other file formats, and can also rearrange pdf to ensure better reading results. It has built-in WPS software and supports format reading of office series such as PPT/Excel/word. Users can also set automatic page-turning, add bookmarks, and also adjust the font size, font, typesetting, contrast, etc., to better meet the reading needs of different scenes.

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Xiaomi’s more electronic paper book will open crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall at 10:00 on November 20, the official price is 599 yuan, the crowdfunding price is 579 yuan, and the purchase is to give a value of 100 yuan for more than 6 months to read the VIP. Equity, if you are a user who reads more, or wants to start with the first electronic paper book, it will be a very good choice.


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