Xiaomi’s Loock Classic Fingerprint Scanner Door lock With 4 Great Unlocking Methods


You know that the days of the standard house key are numbered? It’s true! Technology is finally catching up and our homes will be better and more secure as a result. Biometric fingerprint deadbolts and door locks are making waves in the home security world, and they’re coming your way, fast.

This morning, Xiaomi all products on the line, it is deer off intelligent fingerprint door lock Named Loock Classic. This fingerprint door lock supports 4 unlock methods (fingerprint, mobile phone Bluetooth, password, key), the main live fingerprint recognition, hidden fingerprint design and strong anti-breaking ability.

This is a beautiful, simple and powerful home security fingerprint deadbolt and the door handle that not only performs its work admirably, it looks great while doing it. It has that sleek, modern look that all the new devices tend to have, and it’s built to last. 

Loock Classic has black and silver optional, all-metal panels, lines tough, handle with seamless one molding technology, through 1Lac times under pressure test, can guarantee 10 years without sagging. Its Hidden fingerprint design refers to the use of concentric circle design elements, fingerprint head, handle cover and handle base to form concentric circles, more aesthetic.

Loock Classic uses a live fingerprint chip, and all internal data is stored in an independent safe area. And the fingerprint recognition module through the depth of customization, from the traditional fingerprint 14-55 years old extended to 7-70 years old. Fingerprint algorithm into artificial intelligence, the error rate of less than 0.05%, and will learn from the easier to use.

Safety, the cylinder safety level to C level, the overall level of the door to B-class, lock cylinder motor clutch through the 1Lac fatigue test, -25 degrees Celsius to 55 can be used.

Support the door anti-lock, anti-cat’s eye lock, illegal unlock immediately alarm function, when the door is pried, fingerprint input error 15 times, password input error 5 times, Classic will immediately issue the treble alarm. Also supports anti-peeping virtual password, 16-bit password, including a continuous 6-bit correct password, you can open the door.

When you hear the word ‘Xiaomi’, you probably associate it with Gadgets, Home, Appliances, and smartphones. Xiaomi actually has a robust electronics division, including some home security. It’s inexpensive too, so it’s one of the top keyless fingerprint door locks I’d recommend you check out. This Loock Classic all the price of 1699 yuan (256.63 USD) including home installation.

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