Xiaomi’s most powerful flagship! The Mi 13 Ultra will be Released in April


As you know, the Mi 13, the Mi 13 Pro are already on sale, and a top-tier version of the series, called the Mi 13 Ultra, is coming soon.

The Mi 13 Ultra will be released in April and will be Xiaomi’s most powerful high-end flagship yet, according to blogger Zhihui Picachu today.

In contrast to the larger Mi 13 Pro, the Extra large Mi 13 Ultra has a hidden telephoto, a SONY IMX858 model that supports 5x optical zoom and 120x digital zoom.

In addition, the SONY 1-inch super outsole will be standard on the Mi 13 Ultra, with the addition of the Mi Video Brain.

Through strong computational photography ability, Xiaomi will call advanced algorithms to optimize the picture quality, such as multi-frame synthesis, noise reduction algorithm, false color algorithm, white balance calibration and so on, so that the picture becomes more clear and natural, so as to achieve close to or even beyond the traditional optical photography effect.

In core specs, the Mi 13 Ultra will feature a Samsung 2K E6 curved screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 II mobile platform + Full UFS 4.0 flash memory + Full LPDDR5X RAM, and 90W flash charge.


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