Xiaomi’s New Flagship Will Perfect: Hasselblad Lens + Top Performance + Oversize Battery


Huawei’s Smartphone sales have soared, making many domestic mobile phone factories envious of hatred. Since the release of Huawei P20 Pro, the number of Smartphone cameras has become the focus of everyone’s breakthrough. Not only is it that Nokia will launch a 5 camera handset, but there is also a rumor that Samsung is about to use a triple camera lens. Faced with such fierce market competition, Xiaomi is naturally unwilling to lag behind. Recently, foreign media leak a news that Xiaomi’s first 4 camera Smartphone has entered the engineering prototype stage, and will soon be released soon.

According to sources in the supply chain, the overall design of Xiaomi’s 4 camera phone is very advanced, and the workmanship is full. The handset will be built using the top Snapdragon chip. It is not certain that it is the Snapdragon 855 or the Snapdragon 720, but it will use the combination of 8GB RAM + 256GB internal storage, which is the main camera experience and more flagship than Huawei Mate 20 pro. The phone will cheap and affordable. It is reported that Xiaomi or intends to create a cost-effective camera phone to eliminate the industry profits.

It is worth mentioning that it is said that Xiaomi‘s top 4 mounted camera phone will also be recognized by the camera brand, which may be the Suha lens certification. The battery capacity of this phone is also good, maybe 4200mAh, the video lifetime is very good, very suitable for live broadcast users. In terms of price, it is understood that the Smartphone is only about 2999 yuan (about $436), the purpose is to eliminate the profit of the camera phone industry, just like the previous Samsung high-priced phone.

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