Xiaomi’s Patent For a New Smartphone, Designed Like the Mi Mix Alpha


As you know, Xiaomi last September surprised both users and tech world when it launched Mi MIX Alpha, a phone with a screen covering almost the entire front and back and accounting for 180.6 % terminal body. However, recently 91mobiles discovered a new Xiaomi patent that suggests that the Chinese company seems to be developing a more realistic design of the Mi MIX Alpha.

Specifically, the patent shows that a Xiaomi phone has a curved screen that extends backward, but does not cover the entire back. This design shows that the back of the phone is pretty much left, thereby preventing the screen of the device from being scratched when placing the phone on a table or other flat surfaces.

As you can see from the images above, Xiaomi’s patented phone still has an impressive edge-to-edge screen on the front and it extends all the way to the back. However, the back of the phone only contains a small part of the screen and most of it is covered by glass. The image also shows that this phone will have a vertical dual camera setup located in the middle of the upper half of the body.

The reason it seems like this is a more realistic design than the Mi MIX Alpha is because the phone that Xiaomi launched is very prone to scratching the screen, no matter how you place the device on the surface. It is currently uncertain whether Xiaomi will launch a patent-pending smartphone, but it looks more like a commercial product than the Mi MIX Alpha.

When the Mi MIX Alpha was announced, the general impression we all had was that this device would be available soon. But looking at the price, we all immediately realized that only a few would be able to afford the device. Although it has been many months since the device was introduced, we have not yet seen it on the market.

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