Xiaomi’s Patent Reveals a Phone With a Dual Selfie Camera Under the Screen


A few months ago, Xiaomi boasted on Twitter about its selfie camera placed under the screen, and now their patent for a dual under-display selfie camera has come to light. Notches, hole punch holes, and pop-up selfie cameras seem to have resonated. The patent was granted on September 30 by the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration).

In the last few years, smartphone designers have focused mainly on finding solutions to maximize screen extensions across the front of the phone. Previous solutions have mostly included notches in the screen, smaller and larger, pop-up and sliding mechanisms, and more recently hole punch openings in the screen.

The next step is to deploy a selfie camera under the screen itself. So not at the bottom of the screen like Xiaomi Mi Mix phones used to do, but under the screen, in the deeper spheres of the device.

XIaomi and Oppo but also Samsung have been working on their under-display cameras for some time now. It seems that mounting a camera under the screen is not a great deal of wisdom either, but the quality of the photos and videos that cameras shoot through the screen obviously still is.

Specifically, however transparent the panel is, it does affect the quality of the shots. Xiaomi and the team are working diligently to resolve the issue before launching the first devices. Above we see Xiaomi’s patent for a phone that comes not with one but two selfie cameras under the screen. It is to be expected that we will first see mid- and lower-end phones with selfie cameras and later in the top segment.

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