Xiaoyi’s Cheapest Gimbal Camera is Released: Support Hourglass


Xiaoyi will release an AI-upgraded, high price-performance 149 yuan indoor PTZ camera H20GB at the end of December, setting a new low price for the new product.

Ray Ant Product Manager Ray said: “We just want to build ‘artificial intelligence that can be used by everyone’, because our philosophy is to sell goods at the most competitive price as much as possible, and as close to cost as possible. sell.”

According to reports, this new product will use the latest chip QG2101 developed by Qigan Technology (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiaoyi Technology). It has more powerful optimizations for face recognition, human shape detection, etc. In addition, it also supports time hourglass, timer switch, and other functions. “

H20GB has a new graphic retrieval function, which can quickly locate the monitoring screen of human faces or movements, enabling users to more quickly and accurately capture key videos.

H20GB subverts the previously fixed concept of “cameras can only record video.” Ray pointed out: “The H20GB time hourglass function can compress a day or even a week of video into a time-lapse video of minutes or seconds. To allow users to quickly browse what happened during this time. ”

Ray explained: “This new product uses a QGB chip, which mainly supports intelligent recognition of human figures. Qi sense chips are divided into three types: QGA QGB QGC, which are low, medium, and high-end chips. QGC supports higher-end recognition. Including face recognition, animal recognition, license plate recognition, even dog barking, baby cry detection, etc. ”

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Ray also revealed that the small ant smart camera that embedded QGC’s high-end chip and can support face recognition is expected to be the first to be sold overseas next year. When its technology is more mature, it may be introduced into the domestic market and sold simultaneously.

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