Xiaozhai Z4 Mini VR – 3D Glasses for any mobile even for 6.2 inches! (Coupon included)


Xiaozhai Z4 Mini VR is another one 3D virtual reality glasses. So what’s special about it….it can take mobiles from 4.7 to 6.2 inch! Very very little 3D glasses accept these kind of dimensions. The glasses are in white. The access to the place where we put the mobile is very simple, as all we have to do is just open the front panel and place inside the mobile.

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Xiaozhai Z4 Mini VR has a 120 degree FOV, optical lens, that have deformity correction, relieve the eye fatigue and reduce dizziness. The distance between the phone and the lens design can be adjusted so that it suits for people with different visions. So if you have any eye problems, it wont be a problem to see a movie now. Adaptive 0 – 800 dioptre myopia and 0 – 400 dioptre presbyopia. It also comes with 360 degree audio-visual experience and immersive 3D feeling. It is very easy to use and it has no distortion, no aberration and is more realistic from others at the same price.

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Xiaozhai Z4 Mini VR is made from ABS material, Black + White as color with FOV up to 120 degrees. It weights 0.338 kg  and its dimensions are 18.50×10.50×11.00cm . The package contains 1 x Xiaozhai Z4 Mini VR Glasses, 1 x Cleaning Cloth and 1 x English User Manual.

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You can grab the Xiaozhai Z4 Mini VR at a lower price using the coupon LHXZMN
for only 14.99$!


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