XIDU PhilBook and Yoga PhilBook Max Ready to Hit the Laptop Market Soon


The peculiarity of our blog is from time to time to take little-known, young Chinese brands under the microscope. We draw attention to the interesting products of these startups. And this time we are not looking at a smartphone, but a laptop. In recent years, even renowned computer manufacturers have struggled to compete against the flood of tablets on the market. All the more surprising that now the newcomer XIDU demands the attention of the geeks. The newly-founded Chinese laptop manufacturer XIDU has already launched two products, including an 11.6″ Yoga PhilBook and a 12.5″ Tour Laptop.

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But the interested buyer does not have to dig into China online shops. No, because XIDU is also present on Amazon. Although the XIDU is still a young brand, the performance of these two devices is remarkable. Now XIDU announces the PhilBook Max for early 2019 another more powerful model. What functions of this new creative PC offers to the users shows the following analysis.

14.1 “FHD Multi-Touch Screen & Narrow Edge Display

Compared to the latest XIDU 11.6 “PhilBook, the PhilBook Max starts with a larger 14.1” FHD IPS screen. In addition to the real and vivid colors, the 720p video camera and the 4.9 mm extremely thin display, this screen surprises with the multi-touch function. As a result, PhilBook Max is used as a smartphone. A great feature for an emerging brand, because most popular laptops on the market still rely on a physical mouse and keyboard.

Two-in-one yoga laptop, 360 ° rotation

And the XIDU PhilBook Max uses an advanced yoga design. That’s why this design creates a combination of laptop and tablet with a 360 ° turn around the hinge. With this modern two-in-one design, it offers the user a flexible setting for different requirements or types of use. So the user can freely switch between a business notebook and a leisure tablet.

Metal cover with light housing of the XIDU

The XIDU PhilBook Max has a metal cover with sturdy frame lines. Although it is a laptop in metal design, the weight and thickness of this device are surprisingly low, namely 1.39 kg and 16.4 mm, respectively. Often “light” and “thin” are important requirements when choosing a laptop, especially since it also facilitates transport. So the XIDU Philbook can also score here.

Backlit Keyboard

In order to cover further usage requirements and to prevent fatigue at night, XIDU equipped the PhilBook Max with a backlit keyboard and suitable key spacing. For example, a white LED inserted in the buttons illuminates the buttons in the dark. This coordinated and precise brightness avoids reflections or even visual disturbances. This benefits above all those users who often have to use the device in the dark.

Maximum up to 2.5 GHz Processor

So the Max version can be considered as an improved artwork of the PhilBook. XIDU upgrades the 4GB + 64GB memory to a remarkable 6GB + 128GB on the PhilBook Max for smoother and faster-multithreaded processing. Consequently, this model is characterized by a very fast start, an ultra-fast file memory, and read speed. And all that should be due to the good coordination between the 14nm process manufactured and clocked up to 2.5GHz burst frequency dual-core Intel CPU and the 128GB solid-state disk. With the use of an energy-efficient processor, XIDU expects an extremely long battery life.

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Based on the above configuration, how do you think of this XIDU Yoga laptop and tablet PhilBook Max? Waiting for its announcement in May.


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