XIDU PhilBook Max 14.1 Inch Laptop (Price: $379.99) @XIDU STORE (20 Units Limited)


XIDU PhilPad Max goes with a distinct comfort and mobile kickstand, where you can value working and drawing in at whatever point and wherever. It incorporates a 10-point touchscreen and appreciation to the 178° wide overview show development, you can value wonderful, striking and clear pictures from for all intents and purposes any edge. Have you anytime had an unprecedented idea, or, ended up in the perspective to be innovative? By and by, you can basically get your stylus, in a brief moment starting your favored pen-engaged applications, and begin observing or drawing down whatever comes into your mind.

One of the remarkable features of this workstation is its 2560×1440 IPS screen appear. Everything that appears on the screen is reliably pin-sharp and ultra-point by point. In case you are also energetic about games, you will venerate using this workstation, by virtue of its exceptional representations and show. In like manner, the screen features contact development with multi-contact support. You can value forming on the screen with a stylus pen that gives full access to the Windows Workspace.

The CPU is changed from Intel N3350 Dual-Core to Intel E3950 Quad Core with the response speed duplicated. The up-level CPU suggests the PC will experience less stammering than already, which enables customers to run impressively heavier programming like a significant electronic game. Moreover, it is updated from 6GB LPDDR3 and 64GB eMMC to 6GB LPDDR3 and 128GB eMMC, giving more space to customers to store their huge documentations. The new XIDU PhilPad totally shows what is an impeccable workstation lightweight, remarkable execution, energetic response, and various limits. In addition, no doubt Microsoft’s Surface, which will make your experience far superior.

PhilPad goes with two modes, workstation, and tablet mode. In your additional time, you can move the divisible reassure, change it to tablet mode and watch your favored TV game plan or singing star wherever you need. At work time, gather the reassure and value the smooth and magnificent experience of PhilPad while you work distinctive programming all the while. The ergonomic sensitive support really makes it pleasing to type on a preservationist device and the 135° Rotatable kickstand engages you to use it at various focuses. The contraption takes after a PC and tablet fused into one and you can change it into it is conceivable that one like an entertainer.

With the twofold band 802.11ac Wi-Fi development, PhilPad has more grounded signs and snappier data speeds. You can stream unrivaled quality movies and accounts effectively without floundering. It moreover goes with 1 x USB Type-C, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x Microphone Jack, 1 x MicroSD card space, 2 x Speakers, 1 x Power button, 2 x Volume +/ – , 5MP Rear Camera, 2MP Front camera to meet your necessities. XIDU Philbook Max is easily available with the price of $379.99 at XIDU STORE

20 pcs limited now


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