XIDU Philbook Max: A Notebook as a Faithful Companion On the Journey


The XIDU brand specializes in creating 2 in 1 device that combines the functionality of a tablet and a laptop at the same time. The latest development of the company was PhilBook Max. This hybrid device combines stylish design, low weight and powerful features that can satisfy the basic needs of any user.

With the XIDU Philbook Max, XIDU perfectly combines a personalized design of a high-tech device with the entertainment and office functions of a laptop. Meanwhile, the vast majority of manufacturers were still at the opening angle of 120 ° – 180 °, offered XIDU as one of the first manufacturers of a notebook the possible of 360 ° rotation.

Thus, the laptop is presented in a new form with a complete rotation of the screen. Whether you are giving a speech or taking a brief inspiration. This will make the notebook your best partner for making work effective and convenient. In addition, the device with a weight of 1.39 kg and a thickness of 16.4 mm can easily be easily stowed in small pockets.

Philbook Max breaks the line between traditional computers and laptops. It shows what a true 2-in-1 laptop is. With this 2-in-1 laptop, you can operate it with your finger in touch mode. As a result, the capacitive multi-touch screen allows drag, click or enter. In addition, this laptop with Intel Apollo processor ensures the smooth operation of all software. So you can excellently improve work efficiency and save time. The Philbook Max makes everything easy, as we expected!

Compared to conventional TN displays, the IPS display used has several advantages. This includes an exact color reproduction and a stable viewing angle of up to 178 °. Despite the 14.1-inch large screen, Philbook Max uses a “narrow sides” design with only 4.9 mm wide edge.

It not only offers an excellent big-picture experience but also limits the dimensions. Thus, the XIDU Philbook Max guarantees a super pleasant feeling in the office or in the home area. For more details, please visit the official website of the Xidu.


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