XIDU Philpad Comes with 6GB + 128GB in Just $359.99 @XIDU STORE March Festival


XIDU Laptop and Accessories work in workstations and tablets that are progressing into our market in style. The association offers devices that cost extensively not exactly those of notable brands. XIDU PhilPad Tablet has the best features.

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XIDU PhilPad Tablet

XIDU PhilPad Design

PhilPad goes with a distinct reassure and mobile kickstand, where you can value working and connecting with at whatever point and wherever. It incorporates a 10-guide touchscreen and appreciation toward the 178° wide survey show advancement. Have you anytime had an uncommon idea, or, wound up in the mentality to be creative?

XIDU PhilPad Design

XIDU PhilPad Display

One of the noteworthy features of this PC is its 2560×1440 IPS screen appear. Everything that appears on the screen is reliably pin-sharp and ultra-point by point. If you are moreover lively about games, you will worship using this PC, because of its uncommon plans and show. In like manner, the screen features contact advancement with multi-contact support. You can value forming on the screen with a stylus pen that gives full access to the Windows Workspace.

XIDU PhilPad Display 

XIDU PhilPad Hardware

The CPU is changed from Intel N3350 Dual-Core to Intel E3950 Quad Core with the response speed increased. The up-level CPU suggests the PC will experience less floundering than beforehand. It enables customers to run a lot heavier programming like a significant electronic game. The overhauled from 6GB LPDDR3 and 64GB eMMC to 6GB LPDDR3 and 128GB eMMC. The more space for customers to store their noteworthy documentations. The new XIDU PhilPad totally displays what is a faultless workstation lightweight, incredible execution, quick response, and various limits. In addition, no doubt Microsoft’s Surface, which will make your experience far prevalent.

XIDU PhilPad HardwareXIDU PhilPad Hardware

Features and Conclusion

XIDU PhilPad Tablet goes with two modes, workstation, and tablet mode. At work time, gather the comfort and welcome the smooth and beautiful experience of while you work diverse programming all the while. The ergonomic fragile reassure genuinely makes it pleasing to type on a limited contraption and the 135° Rotatable kickstand engages you to use it at various focuses. you can easily buy this from XIDU STORE At $359.99. Grab this from the March shopping festival. So, what are you waiting for?


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