XK X520 – W 720P WiFi 6CH Brushless Vertical Stunt Fixed-wing Aircraft Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


XK X520 – W is a fun RC plane with a vertical takeoff and land, which can take off and land like a helicopter instead of using a runway. Thanks to the one-button switch, it can switch into airplane mode in the air, and can also start as a normal plane. Thanks to two brushless motors, it features a powerful 3D flight performance. The perfect choice for RC fans.


The material of the Plane is very much important for any beginners. As they will start the flight for the first time they will be having some problem with handling it. In this way, the plan will have some amount of impact that causes damage to the body of Airplane. The EPP engineering materials, impact resistance and durable is a hard material that is capable of taking impacts and lessens the damage to the body. The material is hard but it does not have much weight which makes the plane light to carry. XK X520 – W has 520mm WingSpan, thanks to the combination of 1307 double brushless motor and 4.3g high-precision digital servo, rapid response and fast lock, This RC airplane is made of Durable EPP. It is not easily broken. his material is also very flexible and capable of recover quickly. It has long remote control distance. With this toy plane, you can perform 360-degree rotation, go up and down, loops, spiral movement, and turn right and left.


XK X520 – W is powered by a 1307 double brushless motor which gives strong driving power while being efficient for longer flight times of up to 10-13 minutes so you can spend more time flying and less time charging. The controller is another essential for controlling the Airplane. The controller that is being provided is to be used with both hands. The buttons are placed in such a way that the thumb reaches them quickly. The display shows how the plan is flying, signal level, Battery indicator, and few other things. Signal Antenna is in the front which makes the flying of a plane more realistic like you are flying it. The modes are very much reliable in any RC model Airplanes. With modes, any airplane comes with extra benefits. The Modes that are being provided are the 3D and 6G mode which makes sure that you are flying like an expert. With its small 520mm sized wingspan you are able to also fly it in small indoor areas like sports halls so the wet and windy weather will not stop you enjoying it. Depending on what conditions and how much throttle you use, you can get somewhere near 10-13 minutes flight time! With a control range of nearly 150m, it gives you the ability to be able to climb up high, knock the throttle off and glide back down! The aircraft can take off and land vertically, it also combines the beginner mode and the aerobatic mode, effectively solve the problem of small flying space, unable to taxi and take off, as well as the beginner’s failure to master the take-off and landing of the plane, etc.


The high-efficiency brushless motor makes the XK X520 – W much powerful. High capacity of 7.4V lithium polymer battery, the flight time of more than 10 minutes The primary level can fly it as an expert, 1307 double brushless motor, and 4.3g high-precision digital servo. You can buy From GEARBEST at $93.14, you can use this Coupon Code: RC18OFF and get 18% off Discount


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