Xming Q1 SE Projector Review – 1080P Mini Wireless LED


Xming has joined in the manufacturing of portable 1080P projectors for multi-purpose use. Since the release of the Xming Q1 SE Projector, it has made a lot of sale and this boils down to features and specs of this mini projector from Xming. Whenever want to purchase a durable project that will last, you obviously need to observe the features and specs.

Xming Q1 SE Projector offers users high-resolution with 1080P native resolution. You can also adjust the throw distance of the projector to produce up to 120- inch images with perfect quality. This product is widely compatible with both iOS and Android devices during screen casting (wireless screen mirroring).

In other words, the Xming Q1 SE accepts the easy transfer of movies, images, videos and games from both iOS and Android devices to a big screen for a perfect projection display. On the design aspect, this mini projector adopts an innovative heat dissipation technology with twin turbo fan at the bottom. This technology ensures proper and silent heat dissipation process.

As for the interface options on the Xming Q1 SE Projector, there are; HDMI, USB, and AV port which make it compatible Laptops, TV sticks, USB sticks, Video games, Soundbars, Headphones, and various devices. In other for users to enjoy high-quality sound, the Xming Q1 SE Projector comes with dual 3W built-in stereo speakers.

Where To Buy:

The Xming Q1 SE Projector is currently available for a coupon price of $ 149.99 on Geekbuying. You just need to add the coupon code: 6XQCNW53 at the time of purchase.


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