Yatophone 3 in Development May Use Snapdragon 821 Processor


Yotaphone is quite famous for back e-ink screen, Yatophone 2 has announced at the beginning of 2015, right now two years passes, will they release Yotaphone 3?

According to Yotaphone team on Instagram, ‘Thanks for interested in our company’s products, currently we are developing the third model, stay tuned on our official announcement.’ As you know they posts a piece of news in Twitter in May 2016, and in facebook, the last news is about Yotaphone 2 announcement.

Previously, according to Russian Media, the General manager from Russian Yota Devices company claims that they will plan to sell Yotaphone 3 in China in the second quarter of 2017, Yotaphone 3 software is developed by Russian team, currently they are looking for Chinese manufacturers to produce it. And they will make cooperation with Chinese Hei Longjiang government. In addition, Yotaphone 3 is said to come with Snapdragon 821 processor aiming at China and Russian market, and then turn to International market.


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