YESOUL Wild Beast Spinning Bike M3 Online, Xiaomi Has The First Crowdfunding


The YEOUL wild beast intelligent spinning Bike M3 was launched on the line. The new product features “Coaching Real-Time Online Guide” to provide users with a different way of exercising than traditional fitness equipment.

The YEOUL Bike M3 launched by YEOUL and Xiaomi “Yipin” is a rare smart fitness product on the market. It has a high-cost performance and is a good interpretation of the product platform “to insist on making good products with good price and good price”. idea. The product will be open to crowdfunding from September 13th to 26th. It only costs 1499 yuan ($218), and it will receive a one-year free riding course worth 456 yuan ($66). Orders can be placed in the app or small program.

For urban white-collar workers, working hours are long, stress is high, and the body is in a sub-health state for a long time. Many people are eager to ease through exercise, and quite a few people hope that exercise can help them slim down and get a better body. However, the reality is that “the first is that there is no time to go to the gym, and the second is that the private lessons of 400, 500 are not enough to love.” Vivian, who is an HR at a financial company in Lujiazui, said.

On the other hand, YEOUL M3 collects the user’s motion data through the smart chip and customizes the personalized training program. During the training process, the coach also monitors the exercise intensity based on the collected power, heart rate, calories, and other sports data, and gives the user scientific guidance. To avoid overtraining or training, the fitness is safer and more efficient, and the white users can easily complete the training. YESOUL Wild M3 not only breaks through the tradition in business model but also stands out in hardware creation. First of all, the M3’s front is equipped with a 10.1-inch smart touch screen, pre-installed with the YESOUL APP, can watch the coach’s live course and a variety of real-time data, greatly improving the home fitness experience.

Secondly, for home fitness users, the noise generated during exercise is very troublesome, and the YEOUL wild beast intelligent spinning bicycle M3 adopts the magnetron resistance design, combined with the high-strength Weigel rubber belt transmission, which eliminates the friction of the traditional brake pads. Sound and riding noise, zero noise at home, no interference, and more user-friendliness. In addition, the body is compact and exquisite, covering an area of only 0.5 square meters, equivalent to 4 A3 paper size, requiring little space for the home space, and does not occupy the living space.

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YESOUL Wild Beast has previously launched the highly acclaimed high-end spinning bike V1, which has won the German Red Dot Supreme Award and the China Good Design Gold Award. This time YEOUL and Xiaomi crowdfunding launched M3, which is a popular product, but it is equipped with a complete training system, software and hardware are also excellent, fully in line with the standard platform of “moving people, the price is kind”.

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